June 2nd, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window

Got Shade?

Soon, Earth will crash into the sun. Northern Californians will not notice. Sluggo is having a nine minute day, and it's already near midnight. I've got the little fan in the window, blowing night air into the room, but it isn't doing much good. If it wasn't such a hassle, I'd set Sluggo up on the back porch. Of course, the light of his monitor would attract countless bugs, and I'd probably be unable to read the screen through their fluttering wings and scampering legs. If it isn't one thing . . . .

Speaking of bugs, I haven't seen my indoor cricket all evening. Maybe it found the way out. Either that, or it died in here. I haven't heard a chirp out of it. Maybe a cat got it while I wasn't looking. With those cats around, I just can't keep anything nice.

I might post the stuff I wrote on paper last night, and I might not. The problem with writing stuff on paper is that it's easier to read after it's finished, and once I've read anything I've written I start thinking about how it could be better. Usually, it drowns in second thoughts. Second thoughts bite. Sure, they can save a great deal of embarrassment, but what's the fun in that?

Naptime for Sluggo, then to post this, without reading it.
bazille_summer scene

Raccoon Love

Even as I write, raccoons are making a ruckus down the street. I believe they are either having sex, or fighting over who gets to have sex. The raccoons are often quite noisy this time of year. They like to pack as much adventure as possible into the short, warm nights. They're certainly having more adventure than I am, unless you consider dealing with a computer which is in league with the devil an adventure. The temperature in the house is down to 72F now, and Sluggo is still only good for twenty minutes at a time. Well, it keeps me terse. Not to mention pissed off.

I can't hear the sounds of the night (other than the amorous raccoons and the chirping of a nearby cricket) over the whirring of my window fan. It's nice out there, though. If I knocked out a wall or two, it would be nice in here as well. It will be considerably less nice later today, as we will be nearing triple digit temperatures. The actual triple digits won't show up until Tuesday. Yikes. Once upon a time, the central valley of California was an inland sea. I'll bet it the summers were much nicer then. Hmm. I wonder what the chances are of an earthquake large enough to sink the valley? Surf's up, Sacramento!
caillebotte_man at his window

Seven Minute Day

Too hot for a walk again today. The forest is imprisoned by heat, even after the deep blue dusk with a crescent moon hanging behind drooping pines. Now the nightlong cricket song measures the hours in rapid pulse. All I want to do is stay outdoors.