May 30th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


It cooled off enough last night that I was able to do a bit of catching up -- though not enough. Time for reading, but none for comments. Now, I go outside to the strange sight of fog, thin here but thicker near the row of pines beyond the orchard. The weather this year grows ever stranger. I'd love to go for a walk in that fog, but I must sleep.

If the changes Brad has outlined in his recent LJ Maintenance post don't do what he says, there'll be nothing left but to account him one of the most accomplished liars of the age, and expect him to become President very soon.

And, no, I'm not doing the LJ match up meme. You have to sign up for it, and I don't sign up for stuff. In any case, I don't see how anybody can be 110% compatible with someone else. The thing confuses me.

I'm going to sleep.
caillebotte_the balcony


Despite some cooling, it still feels like July (Sluggo is having a twentyfive minute day.) I'm expecting July to feel like August. August will undoubtedly feel like Phoenix. This would be a nice time for a trip to Australia. Too bad I can't take one. I'll have to make do with running the sprinkler and pretending it's rain.

I way overslept today. The cat woke me up four times. Later, she tossed up her dinner into her water bowl. I don't think the weather agrees with her, either. I dreamed about the cats. I dreamed that the two of them touched noses. In real life, they barely tolerate each other. In the dream, I was watching them approach each other and thought they were about to fight, so I kept flinging towels at them (I have no idea where I was getting the towels -- they were just there.) so the cats get a few inches apart, and I'm yelling at them and swinging a towel, and suddenly they just poke their heads out and touch noses, and then curl up and go to sleep. Weird.

This afternoon, while I was asleep, my sister came over and mowed the lawn. She mowed a baby oak tree I just discovered yesterday. It was about two inches high, and had four little leaves on it, at the ends of twigs which one day would have been branches. Being right in the middle of the lawn, it was barely noticeable. I didn't have a chance to warn her that it was there. I'd been thinking that I'd transplant it to some part of the yard in which it wouldn't get too much water, as it would on the lawn. Too late now. I've still got the larger baby oak that's growing under the gas meter, though. I'll have to figure a good place to put it.

It's going to be so late by the time I get this posted. Even after it's written, I have to save it to the clipboard, shut Sluggo down to cool, then get back online to post it. It's going to be almost midnight, and everybody will be asleep. Stupid heat. Stupid Pacific time zone.

I didn't do the LJ match up thing, but I'll do this:

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Now, Sluggo wants to rest, and I want to go listen to the crickets out in the (relatively) cool night.