May 29th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


First, the bright morning gave way to clouds. I woke to a wooly, gray afternoon of sultry air. Periodically, bursts of sunshine would flash through a hole in the close-drawn blanket, then vanish and be replaced by a sprinkling of big raindrops which would spot the pavements and evaporate within seconds. I waited for thunder, but it never came.

Later, I went out and got my head chopped. At last, I'm rid of the curls of hair which have been tickling my ears. One less irritation to endure. In the evening, I went out and sat in the yard for a while and watched the clouds break up into bright, puffy clusters which turned pink as the sun set. After a while, I began itching in various places. Mosquitoes. Perhaps ticks, as well. They bit my ankles, which is always very annoying. I have to take my shoes and socks off to scratch them. I've gotten more bites on my arms, too, and a couple on my neck. This is the worst season for insects that I've seen here in years. I wish bats would nest in my attic.

This afternoon, two birds rose from a shady lawn and the beating of their wings sounded like a horse whickering. I haven't seen anyone out riding horses yet this year. Usually, once the weather warms up, there are a few riders to be seen cantering along the roadsides. Some years there will be horses staked out in vacant fields, munching grass all day. I enjoy the way horses observe passersby with inquisitive eyes, and swish their tails about, and then go back to the business of grazing. In their behavior, horses remind me a bit of docile cats. Of course, no cat, even were they large enough, would be willing to be ridden. They would insist on being carried. It's a good thing the big cats don't have the dispositions of house cats. Imagine a 300 pound cat insisting on sitting on your lap.

Okay, the heat is making me wander off into weird thoughts. It's just as well that Sluggo is having a twelve minute day. No telling what I'd say if I had more time. I will go back to listening to CD's. I picked up a new one, by the way. I haven't bought any in months, but this one was irresistible. It's part of the Columbia Legacy series of compilations by various and sundry artists, all of the albums being titled Love Songs This is the one by Aretha Franklin, and it has fifteen tracks about evenly divided between jazz standards and R&B ballads, all recorded early in Aretha's career, between 1962 and 1965. I recommend it very highly.