May 28th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window


A young raccoon explored my garage last night. The smaller of my two cats watched warily. I doubt that the raccoon found anything of interest in there. There is no food of any kind in the garage itself. However, at the back of the garage is a door into the house. The cats have bowls of dry food in the room just the other side of that door, and the door is left off the latch so that the cats can pull it open with a paw. I don't think the raccoon got that far. The beasts are certainly clever enough to open a door that is slightly ajar, though. I'll probably have to keep the garage door closed in the evenings, now. The cats will be annoyed that they no longer have their own key, as it were. They will undoubtedly give me disapproving looks when I open the front door for them now. You know -- those what took you so long looks that cats get. Ah, well. It's nothing compared to the looks they'd give me if raccoons started coming in and eating their food.

The heat is again limiting my time with Sluggo. I'm nearing the twenty minute mark, and that's about all he's good for at this temperature. I'll probably get even less time tomorrow night. Over 90 again tomorrow. I must get him a bigger fan.