May 12th, 2003

caillebotte_man at his window

Strange Signs

For hours, rows of thin clouds in the shape of chevrons drifted across the sky. When the light began to grow, I saw the last of them drifting east. Over on the highway, the occasional car speeding through the night along the rough stretch of road made a sound like galloping hooves. Invisible bats squeaked. It is warmer now, and the air still. Morning swells, and I hear crows. I keep waiting for things to return to what I thought was normal. Things keep going away. Another night bites the dawn.

LJ is still not sending me e-mail. The known issues box on the help page now contains a notice about problems with text messages. Is text message geek speak for e-mail? Pick a term and stick with it would be my advice. Easier for everybody.

Being a Dumbass

Must be quick. Sluggo extremely unstable with the warmer weather.

I put in a support request about the missing e-mail (I'm still not getting it) and didn't realize until, after two hours, when the automatic acknowledgement of a support request did not arrive, that if I'm not getting e-mail from LJ, then I won't be getting the e-mail response to my support request. Now, I can't get the support page to open at all. I'm trapped!

Computers bite.

Back to the damn television.