May 5th, 2003

caillebotte_the balcony

Well, Guess What? :-P

It looks like another mostly cloudy day beginning out there. A rumpled sky is barely brightening, and the damp from last night's frequent mists lingers everywhere. Yesterday, there were a few minutes now and then when the sun emerged, and the cool air was suddenly heated, almost uncomfortably. But soon, the white ramparts would close and darken to gray, and the breeze would chill again. Near midnight, I caught a brief glimpse of the waxing moon as it sank through the pines, attended by silvery roiling clouds. Small green fruit has appeared on the cherry tree, but there is no light to feed it. More gray days ahead, I'm sure, and spring reduced to slow motion. There have been years such as this here before. When summer comes, it will be a sudden explosion of heat. Strange times.

Happy birthday, Karl Marx. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
caillebotte_the orangerie


What with Sluggo crashing, and Juno disconnecting me, and LJ acting as though it were coming through on a 1982 modem, I've barely been able to read my friends page and make a few comments, let alone make a post. I'm running afoul of technology again! Maybe I ought to sacrifice a goat to Bill Gates. (Not Frank, of course.) I keep imagining that, someday, computers will be as reliable as those tinny transistor radios the Japanese were making forty years ago -- but I'm not holding my breath.

At least it cleared up nicely today. Big puffy clouds withdrew mostly to the area above the mountains, with a few more scattered about like giant sheep grazing a bright blue meadow. I went for an afternoon walk, and was surprised at how many cats were out. They were sunning themselves on porches and rooftops, and frolicking in the rapidly growing lawns. The birds were out in large numbers, too. Everything is taking advantage of this brief window of spring, making up for lost time. Yet more rain is expected by Wednesday, so I'm going to go out and enjoy this rare evening while it lasts. It's about time for Sluggo to crash again, anyway. I only hope he waits long enough for me to get this entry posted.