April 7th, 2003

caillebotte_the balcony

Moon and Gris

It might be a bit warmer today. The night has been warmer, at least, and in its early hours graced by the waxing crescent of the moon among the persistent clouds. Possessed of the desire to see something other than my surroundings, and to stay a bit warmer, I spent much of the night downloading some of the work of Juan Gris, probably the most cubist of the cubists. Although most of the modernist work once available at Webshots (and other places on the Internet) have vanished into the black hole of expanding copyright laws, four albums of Gris remain.

Although he is not my favorite painter, (I'm not sure I could settle on one), nor even my favorite cubist, (that would be Georges Braque), I have always enjoyed Gris' lively and somewhat disorienting compositions, his sometimes unusual sense of color, and his remarkable ability to convey texture. (I'd consider him the first real master of mixed media.) His paintings are seldom relaxing, often being remarkably energetic objects. The oldest of them were made more than 90 years ago, but still seem new. I've always felt that they capture and preserve the air of their time much better than do most photographs.

Update: The links to the large size pictures (the "color" and "texture" links) wouldn't work. Apparently, Webshots now denies access to those pages unless you reach them directly from one of their other pages. I've changed my links so they reach the smaller sized pictures, (and I hope Webshots hasn't forbidden that yet.) To see the large versions of the pictures, click on the "View Full Size" links below the smaller pictures on the Webshots pages.
caillebotte_man at his window

Feeling Dull

Could this site be any slower today? I suspect another DDOS attack. Or is it just the Santa cluster, finally going Chef on us?


It did indeed warm up today. It warmed enough that I had to peel off layers of blankets in my sleep. I woke to a very disgruntled cat, not at all happy that her bed had gotten into such a state. Then I went for a walk, and got too hot. The clouds have gone. Last spring, there were many partly cloudy days, with lots of sunshine and drifting masses of cumulus, but this year all we are getting is relentless gray or pristine blue. The sky is beginning to bore me.

My hair is beginning to curl around and tickle my ears and neck, too. It needs to be hacked off in great chunks, as soon as I can arrange to have that done. I need no more irritations. The time has changed and I'm not sure when I am, the days are fraught with monotony, spring pollen is out to get me, LJ has turned sluggish, and my hair is malevolently long.

It's time I bought myself a toy. New headphones, I think. I'd like a cordless pair, but those would be out of my price range. There's a not-too-bad pair on sale for about thirty bucks at Radio Shack. I think I might get those, even though I've not been pleased with my recent purchases there. It's a small town, and options are limited, and I don't buy stuff over the Internet. Yes, headphones and hacked off hair. That will distract me nicely, for a while.