March 11th, 2003

bazille_summer scene


Again the dawn has crept up on me. Silhouettes of distant trees emerge from the darkness, and birds begin chirping. All the clouds have vanished. I expect unseasonable heat. Warm days are pleasant, but I mourn for the winter that never quite arrived. There could yet be icy days-- they've happened this late in the season before-- but this year, they would freeze the small pink blossoms of the peach tree, and the white petals which are now emerging on the cherry tree. I'd rather not see a collision of seasons. Winter, you've missed your chance. Go, and try harder next year.


Computer is still being wonky. I must figure out what to try next. Fire is not a viable option.

Oh, right. Forgot to mention. I'm now writing by hand. Neither hand nor pen nor paper has yet crashed. The only problem I forsee is typing the finished piece into the client. I reiterate: stupid computers.
gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Et Tu, Adaptec?

This is distressing. I can't back up anything on CD because my Adaptec Easy CD Creator program won't load. The few months of good behavior by Sluggo have come to an end, and I to the end of my wit. What to do? I know! Television! I shall go watch television, and Sluggo will repair himself in his sleep!

No, that won't work. It never worked before. But I'll go watch television, anyway. It's better than beating my brains out. Maybe.