January 20th, 2003

caillebotte_the balcony

Dull Stuff

Rather than do anything useful, I watched the latest BBC production of The Hound of the Baskervilles last night. Over the years, I've probably seen a half dozen or so of the dozens of versions of Conan Doyle's best known and most overrated Sherlock Holmes story. Of those I've seen, this was not the best, though it was very nicely photographed. The cast and script both seemed rather weak to me. Of course, even the best version I've seen, that made for Granada Television as part of the series with Jeremy Brett in the lead role, wasn't all that good. If even that generally good series couldn't make a first rate movie out of this dog, it probably can't be done. Well, a porno version might be interesting. They wouldn't even need to change the title, though the detective might have to become Surelick Holmes.


I've bitten the bullet and made out a check to PictureTrail for a years worth of photo hosting. It was that, or find some free place to move all the photos I have linked to my journal over the last year. That would be a lot of bother, and PhotoTrail only charges $19.95 a year to store 500 pictures or 50Mb, whichever comes first, so it isn't going to break my budget (though it comes closer than I'd like.) My free account is scheduled to be deleted in February, so I hope the snail mail isn't too slow in getting the check to Santa Clara.


The mild weather seems to be coming to an end. It is considerably colder out tonight. I'll miss the warmth, but it's just as well if it ends now. Too much of it, and the plants think it's already spring, and their blossoms come out just in time to get frozen in the next cold spell. But yesterday afternoon, I did catch the first whiff of spurge laurel yet this year. It usually doesn't turn up until early March. I also heard some frogs croaking nearby, and the unopened buds on the camellia bush are getting large. Ah, the little harbingers of spring. They're making me impatient.
caillebotte_man at his window


A day when the weather is shifting is interesting to watch. This morning, the valley was still grey, and the mountain skies were bright and blue. As the day passed, the low clouds over the valley lifted like a slow wave coming to a crest. A froth of thin cloud formed above the lower ridges, and the whole rolling mass tumbled up the mountainsides. Now, the stars are mostly obscured, and the chilled air smells of fog. There may be rain on the way. That will be good. The few days of warm sunshine have dried the lawns and left them with patches of grey, and the small, seasonal watercourses have fallen silent. Some rain will be nice, now.