January 7th, 2003

caillebotte_the balcony

Wednesday Already.

Our brief foretaste of spring may be ending. Tonight's sky was yet clear and shot with stars, and Venus, rising before the sun, is now bright, but wears a thin halo of haze. And the stiffening breeze is bringing colder air, though as yet no scent of rain. Still, the day could again turn warm. I hope for at least one partly cloudy day. The usual pattern this time of year is all clouds, or none at all. I prefer a day with a bit of variety to it.

This afternoon, I must await the cable guy. He'll be here between one and five. Unless he arrives before three, there will probably be no time for a walk. The days of rain kept me in the house for a full week. That's likely to happen again, soon, so I'm irritated when I miss a day that would be fine for walking.

Discussion topic for the day: The widespread proclamation of the end of irony; ironic?