rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

On Mutants

I might have to start calling the new used computer Sluggo Junior. It was very cranky today, and not for the first time. First it kicked me off the Internets altogether, refusing to fetch so much as a single web page. Then, following much sturm und drang, after I got the Internets back my browser started freezing up, the last time so badly that I had to shut the machine down with the button because my cursor was also frozen and I don't know the keyboard commands for shutting down the browser any other way. Then the thing refused to restart when I pushed the button again. After more squandered time I finally got it booted up again, but it has been very slow. It hasn't helped that the Internet connection itself is still subject to periodic outage.

It was a long story I wish I could make short, but retroactive computer repair is still impossible. All I can do is hope there won't be another repeat of today's behavior anytime soon.

It remained fairly cool today, but the temperature is expected to take a big leap tomorrow. 80 degrees is predicted. 80 degrees of perspiration. Odds are I'll be able to have the windows open for a couple of hours in the early afternoon, then will have to close them for a while before reopening them for a while in the evening. It's going to be tedious, but at least I'll get some fresh air. It didn't get quite warm enough for opening the windows today.

Oh, I found some dichondra growing in the back yard, right next to the porch. My dad brought a patch of it from Los Angeles when he moved here in 1986, and it grew off an on for almost three decades, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. A couple of years ago it finally died out, and I thought it was gone for good. The patch I noticed today is not int he spot the original patch was in, and it's not very big, but it's a surprise to that it has come back at all. Dichondra is not at all suited to the climate here. I'll have to make sure it gets water this summer, even as I let the rest of the lawn die back. Next winter will likely take it to the brink of extinction again, of course, but maybe it is gradually mutating and adapting the the cold. That would be nice.

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