December 29th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony


Rain to snow, and snow back to rain again. The weather is even more indecisive than I am! As with the storm before Christmas, the snow fell about two inches deep, and then the rain returned and washed it all away. I didn't get out for a walk again yesterday, but went to the store in the late afternoon and saw the swollen stream rushing through the arroyo a quarter mile west of my house. This is a live, year-round stream, but yesterday it was an impressive torrent of roiling, reddish-brown water. I haven't seen it that full for several years. If this weather pattern continues, this will turn out to be one of the wettest years we've had since I moved here. Higher up in the mountains, the snow pack is already above normal. We'll be able to use enough water to keep the yard green all summer. In fact, wet winters here are often followed by springs with frequent, intense thunderstorms, and those thunderstorms continue to occur intermittently through the summer. It could get interesting.

Although my cable was restored after being down only a couple of hours last night, I didn't watch television. I spent much (probably too much ) of the night poking about on the Nation States site. It's amazing how rapidly that place is growing. I think it has only been up for about a month, and there are already more than 22,000 nations there. The "game" thus far consists primarily of people putting up messages in the forums, but everybody seems to be having a good time. Ah, we're so easlily entertained! At my last look, there were 34 nations in the Live Journalia region. Since the Nation States site doesn't have any sort of archiving system for messages, scottobear has established the LJ community live_journalia for LJers playing the game. Eventually, I'm going to get around to posting something there about my nation state, Entropia. Just what I needed! Another way to squander my limited free time!
caillebotte_man at his window

More of those invalid cookies.

All afternoon and evening, LJ has been giving me cookies that turn invalid as soon as I try to look at my friends page. I suspect that everyone is drunk from holiday partying. I don't know if this entry will post or not. If it doesn't, it's off to nag support about the situation.