December 20th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Wet Again

The snowfall turned back into rain. For a while, everything was quiet. The cars passing slowly on the streets made a soft crunch, and the snowflakes fell through still air. Then, it warmed a bit, and I could hear raindrops falling on the few remaining leaves of the mulberry tree. Soon, there was the plop of snow sloughing off the pine trees, and water gurgling in the rain gutters. Now, the snow on the ground is slushy, and the rain has stopped. In the cold morning, the slush is likely to freeze and leave the roads icy and slick. The snow along the edge of the roof may freeze, too, and make a dam for the water under the snow higher up. That's when roof damage occurs. I may be wakened by the sound of crashing cars, or the dripping of snow-melt from my ceiling onto my head. Snow. Yuck.
caillebotte_the orangerie

Busy. busy, busy

I'm finally getting the last those photo CDs loaded onto my hard drive. Did three this afternoon, and have five more to go, not counting the bad CD with the flaky scans (literally-- the negatives had flakes on them, which ar HUGE in the scans) and the last CD from the Olympus, which is all blur. Given the state of the weather, I'll probably only finish taking one more roll of film this year, and when that one is done, all I'll have left to do is edit everything usable from summer and fall for upload to webshots, and then do the uploads. So, I ought to be done about June or July. Oh, yeah-- I have to get the flaky pictures re-scanned, from the prints this time, since I don't know where to go to get the negatives scanned. Make it July or August that I'll be done. :-P


The rain has fallen all day and washed away most of the snow. I suspect that this will happen a lot this year, due to El Nino, which sends us storms which are cold enough to produce snow, but not cold enough to keep it around for long. A wet, slushy winter ahead, most likely-- but that increases the likelihood of a green and riotous spring, maybe with a lot of thunderstorms. Poor Sluggo. I'll have to get him a new surge protector.

Back to loading pictures onto the hard drive.