December 12th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Dark Night

The weather has slipped into a pattern that is common here this time of year. The days are mostly cloudy, keeping the temperature low, and in the evening, the clouds dissipate, and what little heat the day did bring radiates away. It did not rain today, but the paucity of sunlight allowed the ground to remain wet, and the pavements damp and dark so that they reflect little moonlight. Once the moon set, the stars glittered over a forest lost in the deepest darkness. About four o'clock, I went out into the chill, black night, and chanced to see a meteor streak across the sky, brief but bright. It made me feel very much alone.
caillebotte_man at his window

Might Rain, Might Snow, Who the Hell Knows?

Entirely grey today, and cold, and the smell of smoke from wood fires and burning leaves drifts through the dimness. I saw a cat posing in sphinx attitude as a hood ornament on a parked car. The engine must have been warm. On my back fence, a bird with a red cap glared down at a blue jay on the lawn. Out my window, I see a mulberry branch whose leaves still refuse to turn yellow and fall. They seem very bright against the slate clouds and the dark green pines. Only a little more than a week to the winter solstice. Good.


Those of you who have set your LJ login to never expire ought to take a look at the login page, just to see Frank in his Christmas bondage. I wonder whose idea that was?
caillebotte_man at his window


Right now, I'm downloading a collection of Microsoft service packs. It's been going on for an hour, and I've got 3MB of 12.1MB so far. No information is coming through at the moment. In fact, my little green icons which, for most of the hour were flickering intermittently, have been entirely dark for several minutes.

Oh, look! They just lit up for almost two seconds! I originally thought that the download would take three hours, based on the rate for the first fifteen minutes. Based on the rate for the first hour, that would have gone up to four hours. Based on the last few minutes, it is going to take the rest of December.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to abort. I also have a huge backlog of Windows updates I need to get, in addition to the service packs I'm trying to get right now. How long will that take? Well, my metered Juno service only allows me 150 hours a month. Uh... no, that won't be enough.

I just realized something. Given the slothfulness of Microsoft's update process, it would probably take me longer to update my copy of Windows than it would take me to acquire, install and learn to use a good Linux distribution. Oh, to be out from under the thumb of the world-fisting hand of Bill Gates' evil empire!

Okay, I just checked on the "progress" of my download. Not surprising that there is none! In the time it took me to write this, it went from 3MB to 3MB. I'd say that's enough of that. Juno disconnects me after a few minutes of not surfing, anyway. Unless I'm prepared to sit here all night, clicking on some link every few minutes, just to keep my connection, I'm going to lose the whole download anyway. I might as well put it out of it's misery. But first:
Dear Bill Gates,

Eat rancid owl shit and die!

Thank you,