December 7th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony


Damn if it didn't clear up on me!

No rain yet, after all, but mighty chilly this morning.

And, in case you forgot-- Pearl Harbor Day.

Rather stupid of the Japanese to start a war just to secure their oil supply, wasn't it?

Thisngs often fail to work out the way we expect.
gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Maundering About Winter

There was a lovely crescent moon this evening. To me, the very best thing about December (and January) is the big moon, high in the sky so that it is easily seen above the trees. Evening is the best time to watch it, as it slowly brightens against the darkening sky. There is also something satisfying about the angle of the waxing crescent, too, tilted back slightly in a relaxed attitude. It is a calming sight.

Other than the enjoyable sight of the moon, I find little to recommend this time of year. December is both frenetic and dull. It is tied with January as my least favorite month, which some might think odd, as my birthday is in January. But I don't like the cold any more than I like summer's torrid heat, and, though I am a night person, the nights around the winter solstice are a bit too long. February closely follows December and January on my list of unpleasant months, though then the days are getting a bit longer. It isn't until March that I begin to perk up, anticipating the arrival of spring.

So, for the next three months or so, I'm apt to be gloomier than normal, and thankful for such small favors as the big winter moon. At least this year, I'll have my summer and fall pictures to organize and sort and edit for upload. That will provide a bit of distraction. For the moment, I'm actually boring myself with this entry, so I'm just going to post it (with apologies) and go see if I can find something interesting to do. December. Feh.