November 21st, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

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In a feckless mood, unable to concentrate, I spent much of the night at the Slogan Generator, feeding it ambiguously dirty words. That cheered me up. I had a thought. I wonder if Brad ever goes surfing the site, sees some of the stuff that gets posted here, and thinks Oh my God! What have I done? I probably would. And I'm the guy who spent ten minutes reloading "Woody" into the Slogan Generator! Life is weird.
caillebotte_man at his window

Cloudy and Bright

There were splendid clouds, today. There was much variety among them, and they formed, dissolved, and reformed in various places, sometimes covering most of the sky, sometimes receding to a few puffs on one horizon or another. (Unlike myself, the sky is most interesting when it is unstable.) I went out and visited a couple of the rare open fields, from which I could watch the clouds without most of the heavens being blocked by trees. I used up the greater part of a roll of film taking pictures of them. If these shots turn out (I had to use the Fuji, since I still have no battery for the Olympus) they could be some of the year's best. But it was a delight just to watch the silver, grey and white procession of the clouds.

It is amazing how rapidly the oaks are being denuded. Between last night and this afternoon, the trees near my house lost at least half of the leaves that remained on them. At the lower elevations, they are not so bare. I would like to get down there to take pictures of them, but I doubt I'll get the chance. There is too much to be done here.

The winds have ceased, so the warm weather will most likely end within a short time. There may be a few more periods of warm winds over the next few weeks, but winter's chill will soon descend. Supposedly, the squirrels foretell the kind of winter through the bushiness of their tails; the thicker the tails, the colder the winter will be. Judging from the tails of the squirrels I've seen lately, the winter will not be too cold, yet not as mild as the last. I don't look forward to cold days and icy nights, so I would be pleased to find that the squirrels had over-estimated the coming season's harshness. If they haven't, I'd best acquire a few new thermal shirts. My old ones are badly worn. The solstice is but a month away.