November 20th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Need, need, need-- that's all I ever talk about!

My in-box just topped two hundred for the first time.

That makes me feel so important! As though it weren't actually the result of too much distraction!

I need a break. I also need to go to Chico (alas), as the local camera repair guy says he can't fix the battery in my camera. The repair guy in Chico not only can, but says he has the replacement in stock. Now, all I need to do is make the arrangements to get down there. I figure I'll be able to do that, oh, around March or April.

I need a break, and I need to live in a place less isolated.

And some sleep.
bazille_summer scene

Even Balmier

Tonight, I was able to leave my windows open well past sunset. The day was almost spring-like in its warmth, but suffused with the golden light of autumn. I made some iced tea, sweetened with apple cider and black cherry juice, and watched the moon rise through the quiet evening. It was like a belated valediction to summer.

Because the town is so heavily wooded, the principle method for disposing of autumn's copious harvest of leaves is by burning, which is allowed only during restricted hours of certain days. When warm, breezy days such as this follow one upon another, the burning must be postponed, due to the fire hazard. Thus, the leaves are now accumulating in great piles, in yards all over town. I have a mound several feet high, and covering about 150 square feet of ground, in my back yard. It is covered by a large tarp, to prevent the leaves blowing away, or getting too damp, should there be rain. When the next burning day arrives, smoke will rise from every neighborhood, and the air will be scented with it for miles around. It would be ironic if that day turns out to coincide with the Great American Smokeout.

Which reminds me: I must pick up some cigarets for the Smokeout. It wouldn't do for me to be caught not smoking on the new most important patriotic holiday! My reputation for defiance of all those forms of officious meddling which are conveyed through asinine public service announcements would be ruined!


The most surprising, from my (pop-up ad-ridden) visit to the Advertising Slogan Generator:
The Joe of Paradise

How did it know?