November 14th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony

Again, with the not finishing!

Not Yet.

If I had known that I was going to be writing something this long, I might as well have done the NaNoWriMo thing. No plot, no problem. It certainly meets that criterion.

It has sometimes worried me that almost nothing I have ever written has an actual plot. I have wanted to be something other than an essayist, but the essay has turned out to be my form. Rather than seeing stories, driven by action and character, my mind perceives underlying themes connecting an otherwise unrelated series of events. It makes for a sort of narrative essay form, which I have always found rather odd.

Ah, well. I suppose that one simply does what one can do. I can make elaborate sentences, and describe weather. Too bad there isn't a market for it.

By the way: my recreational break for the last couple of nights has been this photo gallery of the streets of San Francisco's most densely populated neighborhood, which the site is calling The Tendernob. A pleasant diversion, for those who enjoy the urban scene.
caillebotte_man at his window

Leaves and Cats

No time for a walk, today, but I slipped outdoors for a few minutes, to take a look at the trees. The oaks are amazingly golden, this year. Some autumns are so windy or so cold that the oaks drop most of their leaves before they reach the peak of color. This year, a substantial number of leaves yet remain, and the bright afternoons are full of their rich color. Today, my orange cat was playing in a pile of fallen leaves, and I was surprised to see how well she matches them. For a while, flying leaves and whirling cat became a single noyade of color. The other cat, whose brown and cream tones more closely resemble the upholstery of a suite in some suburban living room, sat watching her livelier rival with an expression of disapproval. In her old age, she apparently believes a more sedate demeanor to be appropriate to her species. Yet, she is not above chasing leaves, herself- when she thinks nobody is watching. The orange cat tired of her game, after a while, and the three of us spent a few quiet moments together, watching the fading day, until I had to return to my work. The cats, lacking any more urgent business, remained outdoors until it was time for their dinner. Now they are napping. Lucky, illiterate cats.