November 7th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Rain at Last

In the stillness that fell after sunset, clouds obscured the stars, but the lights of houses spilled into the night, faintly illuminating the leaves of bushes which began to shine as they were dampened by the first raindrops. Reflections gradually emerged from the dark pavement as the water sheeted across it. Wind stirred, and leaves not yet soaked went whirling from the trees and clattered up the street like swarms of scuttling crabs. The sprinkling of rain turned to a rapid drumming of drops beating against grey tree trunks, turning them black and shiny, soaking the lawns and flower beds, flattening the softer plants. Thirsty soil soaked up what it could, and the rest spilled into the rill that forms between the pavement and the front yards along the street. Since then, it has rushed steadily down toward the gullies that gather into streams which eventually plunge down the canyons into the Feather River. Now, I am sitting in my warm room, listening to the gusts of wind blow tattoos of rain against my windows, and the drips that fall from the eaves, and the singing rush from the downspout. What a symphony of rain!
caillebotte_man at his window


We're having one of those strange wind storms, when I can stand on my porch and feel something like a soft summer breeze, while, just a few feet above, the tops of the pine trees are rocking back and forth as though they might break at any moment. The noise is astonishing- at times, like a jet flying overhead. The power has gone off twice, so far, once while Sluggo was on, and I had to look at that smart-assed scold (Windows was not shut down properly. To avoid seeing this message again, always shut down from the start menu) from Windows while scan disk ran. I won't leave Sluggo on very long in weather such as this.

But I'm very happy that it is wet, at last. The wind has strewn golden brown pine needles all over the street, so that it looks almost like a dirt road. Once the rain stops, and they dry, passing traffic will pulverize them, and blow them to the sides of the road, where they will form a thick carpet on which it is very pleasant to walk. I do hope that the wind doesn't blow all the color from the trees before the sun returns. I want to get some more pictures. But, rain, finally!