November 2nd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


There have been so many interesting posts on my friends page for the last couple of days, that I've been spending all my time reading, and have little left for writing.

Could you all be just a little bit duller, please?

Ah, my life is not exciting. Busy, yes. But not exciting.

The weather (you knew that this had to be coming, didn't you?) has turned nicely brisk, though, and I can walk through the bright afternoons without becoming overheated. The sourgrass still has its little purple flowers, but they remain closed most of the day, against the chill in the air. As yet, the oak leaves are only yellowing a bit. The bright fall colors have appeared only in the exotic trees planted in yards. The native woodlands 'round about are looking merely disheveled, with the thinning foliage of the oaks and the shaggy brown clumps of pine needles spotting the evergreen ponderosas. This afternoon, I saw a bevy of quail strutting through the fallen leaves, making a surprising amount of noise. Squirrels are busy in the woods, too, and I'm seeing raccoons almost every night. Everyone is getting ready for winter. Time to dig out the thermal underwear.