October 24th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

The Squeeze is On.

I just checked my Juno usage report for this billing period. I'm allowed 150 hours. My usage stood at 122:15 on the 19th (the most recent day for which they have the numbers), with the period running through the 26th. Yikes. I think I've probably used up between 20 and 25 hours in the last four days. I'm getting very close to going over my limit. If I go over, they charge $1.95 an hour. So, for the next couple of days, I have to limit myself to no more than an hour a day, just to be on the safe side. Tonight, I found that it takes about a half hour to load my LJ friends page, and all the comments, into my browser. (Slow dial-up connection.) So, that's how I'll be reading until the 27th. I'll try to write something with the client each day, although Sluggo is not fond of the client. I probably won't have time to make comments. And, I'll have to forget about the rest of the Internet. Drat. I guess I'll be watching more television for the next few days, and maybe writing a bit of e-mail, and getting my pictures organized. I just know I'm going to have Internet Withdrawal symptoms. Stupid metered service. (Yeah, I know. What the hell can I expect for $4.95 a month?)

Someday, I will have broadband, or DSL, or maybe even a wireless connection, given to me by the monkeys who will fly out of my butt.
caillebotte_man at his window

Blanketed by Clouds

The first truly cold day of autumn always surprises me. (Cold for California, I ought to say; it was in the low 50s.) I know it's coming, and even look forward to it, but when I open my window shade and feel the chill from the glass, I'm always taken aback. If, as was the case today, the sky is entirely covered in mottled grey clouds such as those that hung over the streets of Paris a hundred years ago, when Pissarro was painting them, then my surprise is accompanied by delight. The first cold, grey day of autumn is invigorating. The muted colors of late flowers and turning leaves are subtle in the pale light, and the brighter spot that moves across the sky, marking the location of the sun, is a silvery suggestion of pent up rain. A perfect day for listening to my footsteps crunching on the grey pavements.