October 13th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Half a Moon

When the moon is half full (or is it half empty?), it is only up for half the night, so I'm only a quarter as loony as I am at the full moon. After the half moon sets, I get to watch the calming stars in the darkness. Soon, the cloudy season will begin, and there will be fewer nights for stargazing, and even those few are apt to be cold. Thus, I like to spend more of the night outdoors in October than in other months. This is also the month for the last evening walks of the year, since it will soon be too dark to go walking after dinner. Strangely, none of these endings makes me sad. I enjoy watching the changes take place, and am cheered by the knowledge that everything will change back again next spring. In spring, I enjoy seeing the new leaves grow, and I enjoy anticipating how they will look when they fall. In autumn, I enjoy watching them turn and fall, and I enjoy anticipating the new crop which will arrive the next year. I've made peace with spring and fall. Now, if only I could accustom myself to the extremes of summer and winter.
caillebotte_man at his window

October Evenings

As grey evening settles in, a grey cat sits on the grey pavement in the middle of the street. Grey can be pleasant and restful. I find myself doing little more than is essential, these days. I will indulge myself in relaxing pursuits while the mild days last, for as much of each of those days as I can. There will be time for expending energy later, when the night falls early and the air is cold. For now, I let my thoughts drift aimlessly with the soft breezes of October. After October, everything will be different. It always is.