October 10th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Rising Damp

My cat is curled up under the table, snoring. Cat snores sound almost like growls. When she began, I was startled. I thought the sound was coming from my hard drive, and had a moment of panic. Oh, no! My porn picture collection! I was very happy to realize that it was only the cat making noise.

Yesterday was another of those days of slowly gathering clouds. By sunset, about half the sky was covered, mostly with thin wisps of cirrus. Later, the ghost of a crescent moon was caught in a cloudy halo as it settled behind the trees. Now, the clouds are thick enough to conceal all the stars, and all the buildings have vanished in the darkness. The ragged outline of the pines is barely noticeable, except in the southwest, where there is a glow from the lights along Clark Road. The night is still and expectant, the silence broken only by the occasional resounding crack of an acorn falling onto a roof. The scent of moisture is heavy in the air. Will there be rain, at last?