October 1st, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


A big white grin of a crescent moon rises into the clear sky, and a chilly wind blows, rustling the dry leaves and sending a hail of acorns clattering down rooftops. The stars are bright tonight. It is a night to stay worm in the house, with hot chocolate and a flickering fire. But October always makes me think of journeys. Desert highways run through my thoughts, toward the glittering lights of distant cities made small by the vastness of night. Old journeys come back to me in restless dreams, and I wonder about vanished sights, back along the road, back as far as I can remember. When I step out into the darkness, it swallows up the moment. I might be anywhere, anytime. The big moon just grins.
caillebotte_man at his window

Shorter Days

Since the daylight hours are shrinking, I no longer have time to both write and to go for a walk in the afternoons or evenings. Guess which wins? Well, it was a very nice walk. Two murders of crows were bickering with one another in the woods along the canyon. I didn't stick around to see the outcome, but then, I didn't have any bets down on either group. As I returned home, around sunset, a very strong wind came up, and it blew for about an hour. The windows rattled and doors slammed, and the younger of my two cats went up onto the roof of the house and excitedly ran back and forth, pouncing on skittering leaves. There may be enough leaves on the lawn to justify raking it, now. The first leaf-raking of Autumn! The cats will be so delighted. Mmmm. October.