September 29th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Being Missed by Rain

This time of year, the moon seems to pass almost directly overhead. Tonight, though, it has been swallowed by the clouds. Halfway past the full, it nonetheless is bright enough to marble the sky with veins of light, which shift as the clouds tumble in the upper winds. Here below, all is stillness, and the scent of rain that refuses to fall. I walk through this pale diffusion of moonlight, surrounded by dim shapes, listening to the muffled sound of my footsteps on the dry pavement. I imagine the rain that is falling far to the north, the sound of water dripping from trees onto thirsty soil, the look of fog swirling through mountaintop forests. Around me here, there is obstinate silence. The leaves of the bushes are without even so much as a trace of dew. I cannot see my breath. When will the rain come?
caillebotte_man at his window


Waking in the afternoon of a day that is almost crisp, I went out the door just as the sun emerged from behind a cloud, and I sneezed. Sunlight always seems brighter on a day such as this, when cloud shadows drift across the land, and the still-green oaks are alternately brilliant and dark. There is the occasional whiff of wood smoke on the cool breeze. Burning leaves is still not permitted here until after the first rains, so I'm guessing that someone has lit a fire in their fireplace to ward off the chill. But the sunlight is warm. The cat is now napping on the walk, instead of in the shade of the trees. When she comes to greet me, I pet her, and her fur is warm. Most of the clouds are pile up over the mountains, and the valley is lost in a low haze, but here on the ridges between, it is all blue sky and tumbling masses of silver and white and grey. There will still be enough time for a walk after dinner, I hope, and then a colorful sunset. This will do.
caillebotte_man at his window

Holy Action Figures, Batman!!!

Read the FAQs at Jusus Christ Superstore, then click on their Home link to see the collection of religious action figures. Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, there is something to offend everyone- except the Satanists, for some reason. I'd really like to see a Lucifer action figure. They're sold out of several, but there is still time to get Allah, who is well worth a "look." (Heh. You'll get the joke when you get there.) I must say that my personal favorite is Shiva. I love his outfit.

Putting the fun back in fundamentalism,
and the laughter into sectarian slaughter.
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