September 19th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Personal History: The Boy's Chorus

Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet is running through my head and I can't get rid of it. I blame my Intermediate school. It was (and is) called Richard Garvey Junior School, and was founded by Richard Garvey Senior early in the 20th century and named (by him) after his son, who was a student there. Imagine going to a school that was named after you. Junior was still living when I was a kid, an old man by then, but he was killed in an automobile accident while carousing in Tijuana. His will left the school enough money to build an auditorium. But that is neither here nor there. Well, actually it is there, but decidedly not here. Anyway.

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caillebotte_man at his window

Things Fall Apart

It took more than an hour to deal with about half of the stuff that has piled up in my inbox. There are still 78 messages in there. Now I know why they call e-mail a killer ap. It kills time stone dead.

The earpiece came off of my regular glasses, so I'm wearing the reading glasses and, consequently, walking around in a blurry impressionist world. For years, I always got plastic frames. These are the first metal frames I ever bought. I expected them to be more durable than the plastic. Turns out I was wrong. These things are less than two years old, and the metal near the hinge just peeled off of the earpiece. Annoying, particularly considering what they charge for these things. One would expect a frame costing more than $100 to be stronger. Nope. Ah, the wonders of technology! The marvels of Capitalism! (/sarcasm)

The leaves have been falling from the mulberry tree, and crinkling up on the grass, and the cats are having a great time playing with them. It's nice that cats are so easily entertained. I myself lack the time to be entertained. I've got those other 78 e-mails to deal with, and some laundry to do, and I have yet to move into their folders the last of the Caillebottes I picked up at Webshots, and there's a bunch of other stuff to be done. And, I have to get those glasses to the optician sometime soon, which means arranging another trip to Chico. I hope they can be fixed. If they have to be replaced, there goes Sluggo's next upgrade.