September 15th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony

I have the feeling that I'm being watched.

A layer of thin clouds has formed and put tiny halos around the few stars which are visible. This makes them look a bit like a bunch of little eyes with bright pupils. The effect is midway between disconcerting and comical. There was drama all day and all night, and it has left me over tired. I'm nodding off at the keyboard again. It is at times such as this that Sluggo takes advantage of my distraction and does wicked things to me. Don't tell me I'm imagining it! I'm sure it's happening! I must shut him down now, before he makes me go to Dover Books and order everything on these three pages. It would be his fault if that were to happen! Really! Yes, must shut him down, and sleep.
caillebotte_man at his window


All day the sky was quite Oregonean, covered with rough clouds of slate and silver, except for a long strip of blue in the west. Now the sun has settled into the blue, and all the subdued greens of the forest have turned brilliant and glittering, and the edge of the cloud bank is cottony white. It is cooling quickly, as well. Earlier, there was a penetrating heat trapped by the clouds, but now the breeze is rising and the air smells damp, as though there might be rain. It would be nice to finish off the day with a thunderstorm.