September 10th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony

Shopping is a Bitch, and Then You Buy.

A nephew is now considering buying a digital camera, so I've spent most of the night looking for information about them at various and sundry web sites. Odd, how I used to enjoy shopping when I lived in Los Angeles, and greatly dislike it now. It seems to take much longer here in the boondocks, and longer still on line. I visited the web sites of Canon, Olympus and Sony. We are still in the baroque age of web design. These ornate digital labyrinths might have been built by a character out of a story by Borges. The sites maintained by various retailers aren't any less complicated and tedious, but at least they lack the elaborate digital effects favored by the deep-pocketed corporations.

However, I did come across one web site that is richer with information than with flash: Digital Photography Review, which has archives going back to 1995, full of highly detailed reviews of cameras from most of the major companies. There are also extensive galleries of sample pictures taken by several popular cameras. Just when you think the internet has become terminally crappy, you find something such as this. I'd recommend it highly to anyone looking for information about digital cameras. Even if the particular one you are in the market for isn't reviewed on the site, it still gives you a good idea of what is out there. Very helpful, fairly easy to navigate, and not at all bad looking. If I weren't so tired from looking at this screen all night, I'd give it two thumbs up. As it is, I can't lift my thumbs, and must now let them sleep.
caillebotte_man at his window

Suitable Silence

I have decided that my contribution to the commemoration will be to do what I wish the pundits and politicians would do, which is to shut the hell up for 24 hours, beginning at midnight (EDT) tonight. I will also not be listening to politicians and pundits during that time. I will leave you with something I posted last year.

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