September 7th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

I hope all these links work, because I don't feel like editing this bloated post.

I spent part of the night capturing the 21 pictures in the first album on this page at Webshots. It is an album of paintings by the Impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte, and includes this painting, which you will recognize as my default user icon. (I swiped the thumbnail a couple of years ago.) There are now six albums of Caillebotte at this site, with a total of about 100 paintings. I've only looked at the first album so far, but every picture in it is available in a large size. Just click on the "View Full Size" link just below the regular sized picture. All these albums were posted by Webshots most prolific member, rocsdad. You can get access to his hundreds of other albums by going to the Webshots Community page, and entering the e-mail address: in the "Find a Member" search box. (It used to be "user" but was changed to "member" recently. I don't know which is worse.) This will bring up a page of links to dozens of pages devoted to individual artists, as well as to several pages of "rocsdads," each of which contains multiple albums of at least one artist and, sometimes, albums of works by many artists. I know, I've posted these links before, but they are worth repeating. The collection is growing all the time, and, even if you've checked it out in the past, it is worth a return trip. If you've never seen the collection, what the hell are you waiting for?

Oh, yeah. I added three more pictures to my spring album, too. There are now 24, and the album is maxed out, since Webshots now restricts free users (that's me) to no more than ten albums with no more than 24 pictures in each. I can do seven more albums before I'd have to pay. Heh. Little do they know that Brad's new site, PicPix, will be in operation by that time. I'm hoping that it will be no more expensive, or not much more expensive, than Webshots. If so, I'll be posting my pictures there in the future. Then, I'll be able to load pictures from my albums to LJ, (Webshots does not allow remote loading) without having to post them to a different site first.
caillebotte_man at his window

The Watching Goes Both Ways.

Today revealed that all but a few of the flowers had been stripped from the pansy plants along the driveway. In the soft earth around them, there were the telltale hoof prints of the deer. More interesting, there were hoof prints in the flower bed just outside my front window. The deer must have been peering in at me last night. Yikes! I'm being stalked by voyeuristic deer! I imagine them out there like Far Side beasts, commenting to each other about my behavior. "Oh, look! He's browsing on grilled cheese! Isn't that cute?" Then they go back to the woods and tell the rest of the deer what they saw. Damn! I must be sort of creepy to the deer!