July 31st, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Stop me if you've heard this. (Come on, I know you want to.)

A rather hectic night, full of interruptions. At least, before hell broke loose, I was able to nab another thirty paintings by Pissarro from Webshots. Only about six hundred more to go! Then I can start on Alfred Sisley.

The sultry weather continues. I have noticed the weather reports on the Juno home page showing extraordinarily high humidity for most parts of California, considering the time of year. Most days, Los Angeles is actually more humid than New York City. The tropics are moving north! The Earth has gone off its axis! I shall be drowned in a hurricane! (At the very least, I'll be driven to utter distraction by the unaccustomed summer dampness.)

Once again, the house refuses to let go of yesterdays heat, and the sky is now turning pale as we prepare to make another pass through the oven. July ending, and August's fiery days ahead- I would endure them more easily if Panama would come and take back its damp!
caillebotte_the orangerie


I've decided that the best response to the weather is to pretend that I have been mgically transported to Madagadscar. In fact, I'm almost positive that, just before I went to sleep this morning, I saw lemurs looking at me from the mulberry tree.

Now I will go make some artichoke spaghetti.