July 27th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

This will make no sense to anyone but me, and me, just barely.

Night slips by like a stealthy cat, prowling. The cat might catch some rodent unawares. This night has pounced on nothing. The air so still I can hear myself sweat. I could have turned on the fan, but I don't like the noise. I barely tolerate the whirring fans of the computer. I like the night to be as silent as the moon drifting by. Then, I can create my own world in my imagination. Should a twig snap, the world of my thoughts will shatter. I would say that this is my one real indulgence. I am willing to court madness, but only on my own terms. The madness offered by the world has no appeal for me. My advice to everyone: stick to your own delusions. No one elses will do.
caillebotte_the orangerie


So, the haze that hung about yesterday and is back today turns out to be smoke from the fires near Redding. Smoke too thin to be smelled, thick enough to be visible. It gives everything a yellow cast, and makes me nostalgic for Los Angeles. And, the day is very hot. At least I have lots of iced tea. I've taken to making it with a combination of Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry, Tangerine Orange Zinger, and ordinary Orange-Pekoe, all sweetened, as usual, with apple cider and black cherry juice. I'm going through a quart or so every afternoon. It's one of the very best things about summer. If I get burned out of my house, I'm taking my tea with me.
caillebotte_man at his window

Deer Sighting

Deer on the lawn. I think they ate some of the flowers. They certainly trampled the flower bed. They went away when I opened the door to let the cat in. The cat decided to stay outside. I think she thinks she's guarding the house from the deer. She glared at them quite sternly. After all, that was no ordinary flower bed. That was her catbox they were walking in! The nerve of some animals! :-D