July 10th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

More Heat

All night the heat clings to the town. Only in the hour before the northeast grows pale does a breeze arise to make the pines sigh, as though in relief. Now, that purple glow that last evening chased the day from the east returns to push the last of blue night below the western horizon. The birds sing while they may. Shortly, the sun will rise and begin to bake the air again. What bird would sing in that heat?

I gave the plants a good soaking last night. The earth under the lawn is dark and moist. By the time I rise, it will be dust once more. No respite today. Maybe tomorrow.
caillebotte_man at his window

(no subject)

Stepping out of my front door, I heard a sound like bacon sizzling. From the way my skin felt, I was pretty sure it was me, frying. It turned out to be a hose with the water turned on but the nozzle closed. It could have been me frying, though.

According to the weather report on my home page, it is 111 in Sacramento today. It may be as much as ten degrees cooler here in the mountains. The weather report also says that it is 78 in Los Angeles. If I hear anybody bitching about the heat in L.A. today, I will have them kidnapped and taken to Sacramento.

Sluggo hates the heat. He may not remain stable for much longer today. The internet seems to be very slow, too. If the power goes out, of course, this will all be moot. There is a first stage alert in California. Time to turn things off.

One long white cloud across the sky. I'll bet it's cool up there.