June 27th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

So much internet, so little time.

I was going to upload some pictures to Citynoise, but the night got away from me again. Go look at the stuff other people have posted there. I'll post some things some other night.

One of the things took up so much time was the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page at the fascinating Intuitor web site. Not only are movies rated for their grasp of physics, (and some of the reviews are delightfuly nasty- check out the review of Armageddon!) but their failures are explained in language that is fairly easy to understand, even it you aren't very good at science. I had great fun there.
gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Out of the Teapot and Into the Cup. (Wake up, America!)

Before 1954, when "under God" was added to the pledge of allegiance, everything was terrible!

The Mexicans kicked us out of their territory.

We were defeated by the Japanese.

We were defeated by the Germans, twice!

Government was corrupt, inefficient, and full of scandal.

Riots were commonplace.

Our culture was under constant attack by radicals of all sorts.

The entire nation delighted in sin.

No, wait...

that was France,

where everyone is obliged to study religion in school.

Never mind.