June 15th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Post Haste

Grey light growing, I went out for a breath of morning air and saw a small brown bird sitting and chirping in the middle of the street. Soon, it was joined by another of its species. They began to fight, chasing each other back and forth, mostly on the ground, with only short hops of flight. Very strange.

I spent much the night hunting pictures on the web, and then found some of the best right here at LJ. They are posted by rhodamine. Most of them are of New York City. (kenhighcountry, get ready to be nostalgic.) Be sure to visit his fascinating web site, as well. (In fact, do it if only to see my post there, which was supposed to have a picture with it, but doesn't, because I screwed up the URL in my usual technodoltish way. Hurry- they'll probably remove it soon! [I hope.])

Oh, the light is in the treetops now, and I am not yet asleep. Up all night! Wicked internet!