June 9th, 2002

caillebotte_the balcony

Okay, Brad, Quit Freaking Me Out.

In lj_maintenance, Brad posted a notice about every journal in the Chef cluster going into "read only" mode for a while. (I'm on the Santa cluster, myself.) Suddenly, my friends page is devoid of half the posts that were there a while ago. I checked some of the journals from which posts on my friends page have vanished. They are there, but blank. Postless. Only the bits at the top, and, in some, a bit of decoration. I'm wondering if people on other clusters than Santa can see my journal. Something has gone weird. Again.

Meanwhile. The windy day has become an even windier night. Pine cones are rattling down the street, trash can lids are flying through the air, windows are vibrating- it's all quite splendid! From time to time, it quiets down for a while, and I go out and see the sparkling stars and listen to the persistent crickets, but then the wind returns with a great rush and a frantic waving of trees. I could hardly be happier. Wind!