June 8th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Catching up.

An avalanche of e-mail and stuff, but I'm getting caught up.

I am now an addict. After one day without a computer, I was really jonesing for the internet. It was rather peaceful without it, but I wanted it back, anyway. After three days, I was climbing the walls. Now I have it on a LARGER screen. I'm practically mainlining.

But my room reeks of new monitor. Good thing the weather is warm and I can leave the windows open.

Back to normal by tomorrow, I hope.
caillebotte_man at his window

Spectacular Sunset Likely

The first brush fire of the season is burning across the area of digger pines and scrub oak just south of town. I was out walking in the windy afternoon and noticed what I though was a bank of low clouds lying over the valley. It wasn't until I saw the local evening news that I found out it was a fire. Three of the five roads out of town are closed. It's a good thing I was able to get down to Chico to buy the new monitor yesterday. Today, it would be a long, roundabout trip.

As we were going down the ridge yesterday, I noticed that the land had recovered nicely from the last fire which swept it, a few years ago. There were only a handful of dead, blackened trees still standing among the wide stands of green oaks and pines. The thought occurred to me that I should try to get down there with a camera before the next fire happened. Too late.

Luckily (for us, anyway,) the wind has been from the north, and the smoke (not to mention the flames) are all being blown away from the town. That luck is unlikely to hold all summer. Once again, I'm reminded that this is one of those places people should not be living in. Sooner or later, the whole town is going up in flames. If it happens this year, and we have to evacuate, I am not taking Sluggo with me. The cats, yes. But not Sluggo. Sluggo should be able to survive a mere forest fire, anyway, his origin being Hell.

But, for now, it appears to be safe. The wind may change with evening, but I'm not making any plans to flee. After all, I am a native Californian, and have that endless capacity for ignoring the inevitable. When the paint starts curling on the walls, then I'll think about packing. For now, I'll just make some iced tea and sit in the yard, watching the smoke curl lazily into the azure evening sky above the forest roof. Mmmm. The sunset ought to be brilliant.