May 27th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


The night has been a series of variations. Each time I have gone out, it has been slightly changed. First the sky was clear, except for a few thin clouds which rode on the southern horizon like slightly darker patches of blue against the moonlit sky. Later, the moon was partly veiled by a swath of buttermilk clouds. Then, the clouds thickened and the light was scattered and reflected among their drifting masses. Now, the moon is only a suggestion of brightness in the dark west. The air is cool and damp and faintly scented with honeysuckle. Soon the glow of dawn will appear behind the trees over the back fence, but it will be less bright than it has been in recent days, when the clouds were few and glowed pink with the new day. Across the street there are roses blooming, and the color of those roses is only a few shades darker than the clouds of dawn have been. For some reason, that similarity pleases me. I am wondering what shade these heavier clouds will be, today.
caillebotte_man at his window

Vanishing Photo

The picture of myself which I posted a couple of weeks ago is gone. I tried to log on at the hosting site, but they didn't recognize me. No such account. Hmmm. I've done something to piss off free photo-i. Well. I've set up an account at Picturetrail, and I think they will allow remote loading for free users, but I haven't gotten around to replacing the old link yet. It's a good thing I had only the one picture in the journal. I'd hate to have to go to the trouble of repairing more broken entries. Oh, yeah... the picturetrail account is public, so go see Rejectomorph. Some of the pictures in the album will be showing up here, (ten, so far) eventually, (if they allow the remote loading, of course.) But if you must see them now, go ahead, indulge in some instant gratification.

Busy day. Perhaps more later. Must walk before it rains.

Rain. :-)
caillebotte_man at his window

I might have posted about this before, but what the hell.

Out back, checking on the cherries, I caught an unexpected whiff of jasmine. The jasmine grows on a fence that bisects the back yard, and continues down one side of the lawn. It is now covered with small white blossoms. They must have appeared overnight. ( Well, it is night blooming jasmine.) Nothing jars the memory as quickly as a fragrance. I suddenly recalled the night I discovered LiveJournal.

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Useless fact about Joe

I am severly myopic, and without my corrective lenses, the entire world looks to me like an impressionist painting.

Also: When I type the letter "i," I often accidentally hit the "o" first. Thus, unless I correct the error, it looks as though I am typing with a phony Irish accent; "...the entoire world looks to me loike an impressoionist paointing."
caillebotte_man at his window

The Flurry of Posts Continues

My apologies if you are getting sick of me today. Usually, I try to keep it down to a couple of posts, but sometimes I just seem to get in one of those posting moods. I'm sure it will soon be over.

This time, I just wanted to say that I have restored the entry with my picture in it. I don't know why photo-i terminated (or lost) my account, (which is why the picture vanished) and I hope that PictureTrail doesn't do the same. I know that many other LJ users have remote loading from one or the other of these hosts, so I don't think it should be a problem. But, we shall see.