May 8th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Three things I have learned, and some other stuff.

1. The best oranges for eating come from California.
2. The best juice oranges come from Florida.
3. The best red grapefruit come from Texas.

Further, I must emphasize that Sunkist California red grapefruit should be avoided at all costs. They are sour! Red grapefruit should always be tangy but sweet.

Unfortunately, I cannot give advice on the best source of blood oranges, as I have never found any in the stores of this backwater. I would very much like to try them.


Speaking of sweet, the air last evening was uncommonly sweet. There is a bush outside my front door which is beginning to blossom. I don't know what kind of bush it is, but it smells just like honeysuckle, and the bumblebees love it. I walked out my door just after sunset, and was struck by a veritable wall of fragrance, which lingered long into the night. The bush is not particularly attractive, but it makes up for its dull appearance with this vernal efflorescence of olfactory delights. (Heh. Let's give the spell checker a workout!)


I was surprised when the files on the photo CDs I was getting from Fuji suddenly leaped in size from between 50 and 80 K to between 200 and 400 K. I had my most recent roll of film done at a different store, which uses a Kodak lab. The smallest file on the disc is 350K! The largest is 1.3 M! Fortunately, when I transferred them from the CD to my hard drive, Irfanview shrank them down to a more reasonable size. If it hadn't, they'd have taken forever to upload to Webshots on my sluggish dial-up connection.

Also, our local Rite-Aid is one of the stores (I think they are all on the west coast) which has installed equipment for making photo CDs from prints. Their regular price for a disc with 40 pictures is, I think, $8.99. You can get as many as 120 pictures on one disc. I think the maximum price is $12.99. I don't know how good the scans are, or how big the files are, but I have a goatload of old pictures I'd like to get into digital form, so I might try having a batch done. Certainly cheaper than buying a scanner.


It is a bit cooler tonight. There may be some more cloudy days ahead. For this, I am grateful. Relentlessly sunny weather gets dull very fast.


Heh. Spell checker doesn't like "gaotload." Well, screw you spell checker! Goatload stays!


Nice day or pleasant dreams, as the case may be, to all.
caillebotte_man at his window

Lepidoptrian Puzzle.

I got a close look at one of those dark butterflies which have been hanging about lately. It landed right next to me for a moment. It's forewing is black, but the hind wing is an irridescent blue-green on top, with a trim of grey spots, and black with orange spots on the underside. I tried looking for it at the USGS butterfly site, but couldn't find it. I also checked some nice butterfly photographs by photographer Jay Cossey, but it wasnt there, either. Then I tried another site, that lets you search for butterfles based on the sources of nectar they prefer. Nope, not there. But now I know that there are a lot of butterfly sites out there!