April 19th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


Voices coming out of the dark from a distance. Something I rarely hear in this quiet place. Drunken revelers? Early risers? Inept burglers? Hell if I know. I catch only a few words. Not enough to make any sense of what they are saying. For some reason, this conversation makes me feel very sad. I feel something akin to nostalgia. Perhaps something in the back of my mind, a vague memory of childhood, of things going on in the world around me, things in which I had no part. Other lives make me lonely, sometimes.
caillebotte_the balcony

Planets Align

This afternoon sky half filled with puffy white clouds is nice to look at, but, if the clouds don't clear within a couple of hours, they will interfere with my view of the moon and the five naked-eye planets which are supposed to be visible in the west just after sunset. The planets will be bunched up for the next month or so, so I'll get more chances to see them, but, as always, I'm impatient.

I don't know that this cosmic event is in any way connected with the two-headed calf, but if it begins to rain frogs, I'm going to get roaring drunk.