April 1st, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

It's True

You know, I never quite got April Fool's Day. I've never been able to come up with a prank, and I've seldom been taken in by one. I've tried to think up good pranks, but just can't. I have sadly come to the conclusion that this just isn't my day. So I have decided to make my own holiday today. HAPPY SLUGGO BASHING DAY TO ALL! Everyone is invited to my house to BASH SLUGGO. It is BYOB, of course. (Bring Your Own Bat.) After Sluggo has been bashed to shards, those shards will be compressed into a lovely paperweight, which will be given to one lucky guest as a door prize. This will be more fun than the Queen Mum's funeral! Don't miss it!
caillebotte_man at his window


Bumped my funny bone. Now my hand is all floppy. Doesn't want to type.

Bumped it while giving Sluggo a blow job. You know, cleaning his fan with compressed air. (Gad! Now that sounds like a euphemism.) It might make his CPU not heat up so much and be a bit more stable. If Sluggo were a human rather than a miserable excuse for a computer, he would undoubtedly rather bugger me. He's just that sort that has to dominate. Someday I will get a new computer, and I think I'll call her Gladys. Then where will you be, Sluggo?

Another surprisingly balmy day today. The apple orchard is in bloom and looking quite lovely. But nature is not being entirely kind. Some guy in a nearby town died today of what the doctors think was almost certainly rabies. He had an encounter with a bat a couple of months ago, and didn't know he had been bitten. The problem is not really with rabid bats, though. Rabid bats loose their ability to distinguish mosquitoes and such from things like human hair, and end up biting people and animals and even other bats. But they also find it difficult to avoid predators, mostly birds. If we had a larger population of raptors, they would eliminate most of the rabid bats for us. Hawks and owls are very good at catching rabid bats. What we really need is more habitat for the hawks and owls. Rabid bats would be eliminated more rapidly, and the remainder of the useful bat population would be exposed to rabies less frequently.