March 27th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Sluggo Wants Me Homeless

When I first got the earlier incarnation of this infernal machine, and free Juno internet service, Juno still had a deal with Homestead, and users could get space for a free home page. At the time, Sluggo had only 16MB of RAM and a fast 1086 CPU, and I didn't want to try anything that ambitious with the Slug. By the time I got the ill-advised upgrades (AMD K6/2 CPU and equally crappy motherboard and 128MB of very cheap RAM) the offer of free home pages had vanished, even for those subscribers, such as myself, who had upgraded to Juno's pay service.

Now the offer has returned, (for a limited time, according to the blurb on the site) but from a different hosting service. A Florida based company called HotHomepages. Apparently, anybody can get a 50MB site for free, and Juno and Net Zero subscribers can get 75MB. So, I've checked it out, and tried to get a page started, but guess who doesn't like the idea. SLUGGO! He has crashed almost immediately each time I've tried to build a page. This would be a good place for me to stick the pictures I've been taking lately. They even have a feature that creates thumnails and everything, so I could go on being a technodolt, but Sluggo will not allow it. Sluggo has no idea how close to death he is. Let me see, if I could get eight or nine hundred people to each give me a dollar for the right to give Sluggo a big whack with a blunt object, I'd have enough to replace the little bugger. Think about it, Sluggo. There are a lot of people who have had bad experiences with computers.
caillebotte_man at his window


But a few days into spring and already the weather has turned summery. Still there are oaks which are entirely bare, as are the dogwoods across the street. The oak in my back yard seems to have recovered from the cold quite nicely, though, and has a proper coat of pale green leaves. The oak over the back fence has its leaves, but they remain an autumnal brown. It is all very strange. And the bees have yet to appear around the cherry blossoms. Other insects may do a bit of pollination, but without the bees, the crop is always very small. Still, the strangest thing is the heat of the sun. The air is pleasant in the shade, but it is uncomfortably hot in the direct sunliight. Strange days.