March 3rd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


I just realized that, if the record companies put copy protection on new CDs, including re-releases, then old copies of the same stuff, without the copy protection, will become more valuable. Sales of re-releases will probably drop quite a bit as people go hunting for old copies in used record stores. Heh. I have at least 500 CDs. I'm rich, I'm rich!
caillebotte_man at his window


Water is nice. I like to drink it, bathe in it, keep the yard green with it. I don't like to run out of it. But, so far, this winter has not been wet enough. It seems that it is being unduly dry all over the place. East coast, Rocky Mountains, southern California. Here in the north, we're only a bit short, so far, but short enough to worry me somewhat. I always look forward to having the lawn sprinklers making fountains up and down the hot streets in July and August. This place looks bad when it turns brown. Rain, rain, rain, rain. Everybody chant! Remember, if California runs short of water, the price of fruits and vegetables will go up all over the country. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!