February 9th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Fair and Warmer

Bees were buzzing about again today, and birds fluttering in the bushes. And there were more cirrus clouds, floating across the sky like bits of sheer white silk. Nice, but I'm hoping for more moderately overcast days so I can get some pictures that aren't overwhelmed by the contrasts of bright sun and deep shade. Point-and-shoot cameras don't do well with such weather. I'd also like to see more days with big fluffy clouds. The only pictures I have that were taken on days like that were taken with the old camera and are all blurry. I'm still not sure that Sluggo will be able to handle whatever software I need to get pictures uploaded to the web, though. The programs from the photo CDs have given the poor old slug conniptions for the last three days. Not a good sign.