February 7th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Thanks, Irfan

I picked up my first photo CDs today. I had one roll done by Kodak, ($9.99, with coupon, at Walgreens) and two rolls done by Fuji ($7.99, with coupon, at Long's.) The roll done by Kodak was taken with my old Olympus point-and-shoot, which I will now point and shoot at, because they are unusable. The autofocus is shot. Everything is blurry. Ah, well.

The rolls done by Fuji are OK. They were taken with the new Fuji camera, also a point-and-shoot. So they are just snapshots, essentially. Nothing special. Kodak does nicer packaging, puts the negatives in protective sleeves, and includes an index print. Nice, but I don't know that the extras are worth an extra two bucks (with coupon) or four bucks (without coupon.)

Thing is, and I was not expecting this, each company included a program for an image viewer on the CDs. I went ahead and installed them, in spite of my trepidation about Sluggo's hatred of anything new on his hard drive. The Kodak program is reasonably counter-intuitive, and pretty much the sort of crap you would expect from a big film company. The Fuji program is actually from M*cr*s*ft, and i, of course, anti-intuitive. It has the smell of the Dark Lord of Redmond all over it. I can't use it. It won't work because it needs Outlook Express, and my copy of that vile program is either broken or missing. I thought that I would have to go fetch a new copy and install it. Bugger!

But then I gave Irfanview a shot at it. Irfan Skiljan has put together a very nice little image viewing program, which I greatly prefer to the Kodak program which came with W*nd*ws. Pick up a free copy of Irfanview HERE I opened the program and it snatched the pictures right off of the disk and let me copy them to my documents folder. I'm still having trouble getting one non-blurry picture off of the Kodak disc, because the Kodak program keeps crashing. But the Fuji disc yielded to the superior power of Irfanview right away. Nice.

Irfanview is free, but you can register the program for ten bucks. Irfan is a Bosnian refugee living in Vienna, and could probably use the hard currency. I think he deserves the ten bucks, if only because he kicked B*ll G*t*s' ass! (Well, his program kicked B*ll's program's ass, anyway.)

Now I only have to find out if I can upload these pictures to a web site somewhere, (Sluggo willing) and everybody can get a look at what this place looks like. In crappy snapshots, anyway.
caillebotte_man at his window

Missing Post

This morning I wrote an entry about my experience with the photo CDs I just picked up, and made it private because it contained a link and I like to test my links before I post them publicly, and when I went back to make the entry public, Sluggo began having seizures and I was never able to fix the post until now, and now is very late in the day so, if anyone is interested, here it is.

Does that make any sense? Probably not. Anyway, Sluggo may now be on his last digital legs. Files have been vanishing from the kernel. Weird machine. If I vanish for a while, that will be why.

Have fun.