February 2nd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


After midnight I was outside and heard a flock of birds approaching. Big birds. I'm not sure what kind, but their calls were loud and frequent. I don't think they were geese. I know they weren't ducks. They may have been some type of swan. They flew overhead, quite low, making quite a ruckus. It was like a big avian party flying over my house. I couldn't actually see them, but I certainly heard them as they flapped their way toward Paradise Lake. I'll have to see if I can find out what kind of large birds winter in the Sacramento Valley. I'd like to get a look at them in the daylight, sometime.
caillebotte_man at his window

Ummm, now, where was I...?

brad has upgraded the program so the site will run faster, but, this afternoon, I couldn't get any pages to open, other than my friends page. Buglets, perhaps. It seems to be working well now, though. But I forgot what I was going to write about. Must not have been important. But then, when is it?

It warmed up just enough that I was able to keep my windows open for a while and air out the room. I had to go shopping, which prevented me from going for a walk. Tomorrow, walk. Tuesday, pick up developed pictures and photo CD from the drug store. Heh. Now I get to find out if I can figure out how to post them on the web. And I get to find out if Sluggo will tolerate whatever software I need to accomplish that task. Fun with technology for the technodolt. Wheee!
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