January 22nd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Probably No Snow

Evening fell with a stunning amount of hail, and then the sky cleared. I has become one of those starlit nights when sound carries far through the cold air. When a car passes on the through road a block west, I hear its long approach and its long departure for over a mile. When a car turns onto any of the nearby graveled side roads, the crunch is quite loud. Every sound seems as though it were echoing from inside a tunnel.

The lawn is still covered in pea-sized hailstones, and the pavement is slippery with ice. Even without snow, the roads will be dangerous. I constantly expect to hear the sound of a car sliding into a roadside ditch. Earlier, before the damp on the walk froze, I thought I heard a bird chirping in the darkness nearby. Then I realized that the sound was coming from my shoe. The outer layer of the sole has worn thin, and begun to leak. The inner layer of soft rubber has gotten wet, and with each step, makes a chirping noise. Time for a new pair of shoes.