January 15th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

I am soooo tired

Not enough sleep for about three weeks, now. I think I've been having some very weird dreams, too, but I don't remember them- just little bits and pieces. About an hour to go before I can get to sleep, and I'm nodding off in front of this screen. Hypnotic, really. All the words going by, the hum of the hard drive and the fan, the nice, warm, light. Going...into...the...light...
caillebotte_man at his window

Winter Scene

At the end of a chilly and cloudless day, the sun shone through the pines with an intense golden light. Only when it had set did a band of rose form in the haze along the horizon. Against the evening light, the bare oaks displayed their intricate structure, from dark, massive trunks to gnarled branches, to small aspiring twigs. Each sharp and slender needle of the nearer pines was etched against the darkening blue of the sky, and the cones could be seen as dark knots near the tips of the branches, which swoop out from the trunks and then curve upward. Hanging above the trees was the thin crescent of the new moon, seeming translucent, like a fingernail. I watched it brighten as the sky darkened and the day slipped away, pulling the moon after it.