January 14th, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window


A block west of my house is one of the main north-south roads of the town. Two lanes, no parking, no streetlights, no traffic signals, but a main road none the less. It is lined mostly with houses, but a few businesses and institutions intrude. About a quarter mile north of my house is a health club. It is one of the few places nearby with outdoor lights that burn all night, though many nights they are turned off. In the summer, the glow of these lights is largely obscured by the trees at the north end of my street. But, in winter, when the oaks are bare, the light is more noticeable. It is most noticeable on a night such as this, when a thin fog hugs the ground. The fog reflects the light and creates something like a false dawn. In this light, the silhouettes of the bare oaks stand out starkly, every branch and twig, as though cut out of night itself. I find myself staring at those trees, as though I had never seen them before. Fascinating, how a slight change can make the familiar seem strange.
caillebotte_man at his window

Unexpected Purchases

I bought a TV and VCR for my mom's room. She was going stir crazy, being bedridden and all. Earlier today she was watching Shane. I remember seeing that movie at the Garfield Theater in Alhambra. I can almost smell the popcorn.

I also had to replace that crappy camera with a new crappy camera. Got a cheap Fuji with limited zoom. It would probably have been wise to save the money and (after Sluggo was upgraded or replaced) bought a better one. But I'm nothing if not impatient.

And, by the way, Frank is mauve again today. At least for me he is. I've decided to believe that it is because he likes me better than he likes anyone else. Heh.
caillebotte_man at his window


Awakened by a cramp in my left leg, today. Just one of the problems of cold weather- too many blankets. It took about ten minutes to walk it off, but it is still sore ten hours later. That was about the most painful cramp I've ever had.

Now there is one of those very cold nights when, every time I go outdoors, my pants freeze. With each step, they brush against my legs, and are astonishingly cold. I hope I don't end up needing to wear thermal underwear this year. I've gotten by without it for two years now, and don't like the thought of going back to it. Uncomfortable stuff. But better than shivering.

Of course, I could solve the whole problem by simply not going outdoors. But, for some reason, I now get dopey and anxious if I don't go out for at least a few minutes each hour. The house is just too stuffy and confining, the night, though cold, so inviting. I am addicted to fresh air and darkness. And, if I don't go out, I won't get to see the deer, should they drop by. So, I will put up with the cold pants, and hope for a warm spell.