January 3rd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Winter Birds, Sunny Day

As I stepped out my front door today, I was greeted by the sound of dozens of small birds whose chirps sounded like clicks. All of the trees were full of them. They reminded me of those little noisemakers we used to get for halloween. The birds seemed to be as happy as a bunch of kids about to collect bags full of candy. But they were probably collecting mites from the drying trees. Same thing in the bird world, I suppose.

Sluggo is behaving slightly better today. Last night was two solid hours of crashing, freezing, rebuilding the registry, and going through it all again and again. I wish there could be a species of bird that would eat the bugs out of computers. I wouldn't care what their song was like. In fact, I'd sing for them, if they wanted me to.