January 2nd, 2002

caillebotte_man at his window

Dratted Sluggo

Sluggo doesn't want me to post anything tonight. Every time I try, there is a crash. Evil computer.

Even though three friends saw grey, I swear Frank the goat was mauve yesterday. He is back to his normal grey, now. But yesterday, he was surely mauve. Somebody is playing mind games with me. They made Frank mauve on my computer, and no one elses. That sounds like Sluggo, but I don't think Sluggo can program. Does he now have a confederate? Who could it be? Theyare trying to make me PARANOID!

(Very nice rainstorm tonight, though.)
caillebotte_man at his window


Cloud hugging the ground does not smell like the fog to which I was accustomed in Los Angeles. That was either a salty sea fog or a marshy smelling tule fog. This cloud smells more like the refrigerator in the grocery store of the neighborhood where I grew up. It was actually a meat locker, which opened into the dairy case along one wall. (Decidedly not a Kosher store.) Whenever I opened the fogged glass doors of the case to fetch a bottle of milk or a cake of yeast or whatever item needing cold for which I had been sent, I would stand there for a moment taking deep breaths of that cold air with its swirling mists. I don't think they have refrigeration like that in stores anymore. Just those big open display cases. Kids now miss a lot.